October 2011

Our dear Roger passed away on the 9.10.2011 after having been diagnosed with terminal cancer in March this year.

It was always a privilege and a pleasure spending time in Roger's company, whether this was out on a demo,at a fundraising event, stall or social outing.

People usually described Roger as a 'true gentleman', who was kind, caring, totally reliable. He hated letting anyone down and if he promised to do something or be somewhere, he would certainly keep his word.

His passion for animal rights became his raison d'ĂȘtre after his first protests against the live export trade in the 90's.

His Taurean characteristics came to the fore whenever he was confronted by so-called 'Authorities'. Nothing riled him more than abuse of power/injustice perpetrated by the police whilst exercising his legal right to protest against animal exploitation/abuse. On a number of occasions he himself became a 'target', but his innocence was proven and he successfully sued for compensation.

Apart from his regular attendance at demos, stalls, etc., Roger also supported VPSG, helped with mailouts and lent a hand at the VPSG-stall at the Vegan Festival in London.

Roger will never be forgotten and sorely missed by all of us!

PS: Some of us will not forget his delcious tofu-sandwiches either, which earned him considerable fame!